Bodybuilder Guy Cisternino Offers One of His Kidneys to Flex Wheeler for a Transplant – Fitness Volt (2024)

Cisternino messaged Wheeler the heartfelt gesture: "I'm old and retired I don't need 2 kidneys I rather my friend is on this Earth longer than dead bc he didn't get a kidney."

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Published on24 June, 2024 | 7:21 PM EDT

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What makes the bodybuilding community so wonderful is how we all manage to come together in tough times. That sentiment was on full display recently after Guy Cisternino offered to donate one of his kidneys to Flex Wheeler, who continues to battle for his health following a litany of health issues that have affected his quality of life.

Flex Wheeler led an incredibly successful Professional Men’s Open bodybuilder career. While he never won the prestigious Mr. Olympia title, Wheeler still cemented his legacy by becoming a four-time Arnold Classic winner. Unfortunately, his accomplishments weren’t without sacrifice, considering Wheeler has suffered from several health concerns over the last few decades.

Wheeler was involved in a car accident in 1994 that ultimately led to the diagnosis of hereditary kidney disease. In 2003, Flex Wheeler had no choice but to get a kidney transplant. However, recently, Wheeler spoke out about his experience and revealed that in 2003, he went through nine surgeries total, sharing that he ‘almost died.’

This would only be the start of a long road of hospital visits and health treatments for Wheeler. In 2019, he had to have emergency surgery that resulted in complications, including blood clots and kidney failure, which led to the partial amputation of his right leg. Just two years later, the ‘Sultan of Symmetry’ was hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19, leading to acute kidney failure.

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In 2022, Flex Wheeler was forced to go into surgery to repair the left rotator cuff in his shoulder, but after the procedure, he was left in immense pain. Once again, Wheeler’s donated kidney began showing signs of distress. After nearly 20 years, his kidneys are showing signs of failure.

Bodybuilder Guy Cisternino Offers Flex Wheeler One of His Kidneys for a New Transplant

Despite the turmoil Flex Wheeler has dealt with throughout his life, his friends, family, and fans are always rallying for him and showing their support. Recently, in an Instagram post, Wheeler revealed that one of his close friends, 212 bodybuilder Guy Cisternino Jr., offered to get checked to see if he was a match to donate his kidney.

“I didn’t know and never knew that ur one kidney is that bad. Tell me what I need to do to get checked to see if I’m a match. I’m old and retired I don’t need 2 kidneys I rather my friend is on this Earth longer than dead bc he didn’t get a kidney. So whatever I gotta do to get checked I’ll do it this week” Cisternino wrote.

In response to this private message, Flex Wheeler shared his gratitude with all his fans on Instagram.

“@iamuprising_ Sound Off‼️‼️

some of us are truly out here trying to save lives. You guys think we’re just pushing pills 💊.

THATS NOT WHAT MY @iamuprising_


Have a look at this message from my lil homie @guycisternino”

Additionally, Flex Wheeler opened up about his struggles and revealed how kind acts, such as Guy Cisternino offering his kidney, help put his life into perspective.

“Every individual experiences a unique journey with their mental health, each one as diverse and vibrant as the colors of a rainbow.

At times, I’ve struggled to see my own worth and place in this world. I’ve felt like a mere bystander, questioning my right to exist among those who shine so brightly.

But then, unexpected rays of light like the kindness of people like you and Guy Cisternino break through the darkness. They remind me that negativity is a deception.”

Wheeler is taking this opportunity to remember that it is okay to not be okay and ask for help. He also encourages his fans to join him as he tries to make the world a better place.

“It’s time to break free from the lies I’ve been telling myself. It’s time for us all to be honest about our struggles and seek support when needed. Saying ‘I’m okay’ when we’re not is a common shield we use. Let’s embrace honesty and reach out for help without fear or shame.

When I say ‘I’m okay,’ it often hides a deeper turmoil. Yet, I’m learning to confront these feelings and seek solace in positive connections and moments of grace. Thoughts of despair may cloud my mind from time to time, but I’m learning to navigate them with strength and resilience.

Perspective is a powerful force that can reshape our reality. As we walk the fine line between perception and truth, let’s remember that hope and healing are always within reach.”

@guycisternino I love you lil homie ✊🏾 ❤️💯✊🏾”

Flex Wheeler is still facing struggles with his health, sharing in December of last year that his existing back problem got worse while at the hospital. He described the pain as severe but ensured his followers that he was receiving the best care possible.

“Unfortunately, during transitioning from one bed to another, I experienced a traumatic exacerbation of my existing back problem. The pain I’m currently enduring is beyond description, and my discomfort has been overwhelming,”

Flex Wheeler continues to share his love for bodybuilding through his invaluable insights as well as his consistent resilience inside the gym! He serves as a source of inspiration for not only the bodybuilding community but for countless individuals going through hardships as well.

Despite the difficulties he has been forced to withstand throughout the years, Flex Wheeler maintains a positive attitude.While bodybuilding is often seen as a selfish sport, Guy Cisternino’s gesture of goodwill proves that the community always looks after its own!

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Bodybuilder Guy Cisternino Offers One of His Kidneys to Flex Wheeler for a Transplant – Fitness Volt (2024)
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