Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (2024)

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In2003 it was a routine routine inspection of one of the residential areasDnepropetrovsk. According to operational information, an underground shop was located in the areato make drugs.

Attentionoperatives were attracted by an uninhabited abandoned house. It seemed strange that out of the uninhabitedA man came home and at the sight of the police quickly ran away.

Finding outthat the owner of the house did not appear there for 2 years operatives decided to enter. But theirthere was not a factory for the manufacture of drugs.

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That,what they saw there was a shock. Walls smeared with swastikas, satanicsigns, blood and a huge number of corpses of animals hung on the walls and even on theCeiling. Cats and dogs are clearly killed violently, in manyno heads, innards and limbs.

Bycorners stood boxes with severed paws and tails, on the walls crucifiedCorpses.

In an abandoned house clearly lived maniacs or even gathered fans of some strange satanic cult.

Viktor Saenko and Igor Suprrunyuk were seemingly ordinary teenagers, sympathetic, sociable. They were from good families, Suprunyuk’s father was a personal pilot of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, and Viktor Saenko’s father was a district prosecutor.

Theywell studied, in school they were treated well. But Saenko and Suprunyuk hadanother, secret life.

During the day they studied or did ordinary things, and in the evening staged real bloody.

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Then, in 2003, sad*sts who abused animals were never found. They were not immediately found in 2007, when a wave of murders unprecedented in brutality swept through Dnipropetrovsk, Dniprodzerzhinsk and Novomoskivsk. Victims were smashed heads with a hammer, eyes poked out, ears cut off. The victims were still alive.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (4)

June 25, 2007Dnipropetrovsk police on duty received a call. In the residential area “Communar”the body of a young woman was found.

AnyaI didn’t expect to stay at Katya Ilchenko’s house for so long. Girlfriends drank teaand chatted when Anya noticed that she had been on the clock for almost 12 nights and was picking upLeave.

Katyavolunteered to see her off. She didn’t come back. Katie’s mom feeling a wrong start to herbut Katie’s phone stayed home.

Thena woman went outside and just 20 meters from the house came across a corpseDaughter. Katya’s head was smashed with a hammer, as will be installed laterExperts. Katya died for several hours.

Arrivedpolice determined that Katya had not been raped, but a goldthe chain donated for the age of the killer was not touched.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (5)

Versionmurder for the purpose of robbery was not confirmed, the operatives still examinedcrime scene when a new call came in – a 5-minute walk near theA parking guard found the man unconscious.

When Police arrived at the scene and it was clear the man was dead. It was 34-year-old Roman Tatarevich. He was also killed by multiple blows to the head with a heavy object.

Serial killings inDnipropetrovsk is extremely rare. Then these two murders were not tied betweenmyself, because Katya was killed with a hammer, and Roman with a fixture. There’s nothing on his behalf.left, and a piece of this fixture stuck in his skull. A month later he was tomarry, his girlfriend was pregnant.

Investigating these murdersimmediately stalled. There were no witnesses, and the service dogs did not take a trace.

However, it is better to have such ainformation than no information at all.

Not a single crime witnesswas not found, although according to the investigator, this simply could not have happened.

If Roman’s murder neargarages could really pass without witnesses, then Katya was killed almostunder the windows of her house. Let this fact remain on the conscience of Katya’s neighbors.

July 2007. Egor Nechvoloda late at nightcoming back from the nightclub. He was killed at the door of his apartment. First strikewas not fatal, but Yegor was finished completely disfigured by his face. Headthe victim turned into a mash, and the blood and brains were on the door, on the floor andOn the stairs.

(Investigator EgorRomanesque) Police were called because of the noise in the entrance. It was Yegor’s mother screaming, shefirst found her son’s corpse.
Egor was 21 years old, he had just returned from the Army, it was his first timehe went to the club.

The evidence is not the criminalsLeft.

The next night she was killed.Alena Scar. She worked as a watchah and worked the day shift, at night she asked forfrom work because I felt sick.

She was killed just like that.just like previous victims. Her head was shattered and her face disfigured.

Senior Investigator EgorRomanesque: “Everyone was surprised by these crimes, but the victims were killed in a completelydifferent circ*mstances. In Alena’s case, we were leaning towards the version that itdomestic crime, and in Egor’s case it may have been an attempted robbery.”

Catherine’s MurdersIlchenko, Romana Tatarevich, Egor Nevoloda and Alena Shram were engaged in differentInvestigative teams, the city has introduced increased patrols.

Until 2007Dnipropetrovsk was a quiet city, not that there were no murders, but thatso that people are afraid to go to the store it was not.

Unpleasant rumors have spread around the city that murders are taking place, and the police are doing nothing. However, these rumors were soon confirmed. On the Internet appeared a video that brutally amazed everyone. From the beginning until the last breath, the victim was captured on video. This video file has been called “3 Guys 1 Hammer” which we offer to your attention.


  • Sergei Yatsenko, victim
  • Igor Supryuk, the killer with the hammer
  • Viktor Saenko, comments
  • Alexander Ganja, voiceover, laughter

The video caused a hugepublic resonance not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.

Sergey’s fate is amazingYatsenko, the victims of maniacs. The man was twice on the verge of life and death, receivedhe was struck by lightning once, but he survived. But fateordered so that he met sad*sts and killer. He was just driving onbike past, but found himself at the wrong time and in the wrong place.

He was dying slowly andexcruciatingly, and the killers laughed at the camera and filmed the video.

Before the informationfound itself on the Internet city administration tried to disguise thesecrimes such as domestic homicides or traffic accidents.

Such explanations did not suit the police leadership and they began to take a closer look at the investigative actions of their employees.

Investigators interviewed street vendors and criminal elements, but no one knew about the killings, which was strange enough.

However, the number ofvictims were increasing.

On the street. KommunarovskyThe corpse of a man with the same characteristic injuries was foundHead. The victim could not be identified. The victim’s ears were cut off.and gouged out of his eyes.

First, the man is stronghit him in the head and then brutally tortured.

The investigation immediately thawedversion of the robbery because the man was not wealthy.

The task was complicated by the fact that the killings took place in different areas of Pride. Criminals could kill a man within the city limits, and a few hours later commit a similar crime in the suburbs.

Mysterious murders are notjournalists may not be interested. Newspapers, TV news and the Internet have becomeappearing sensational headlines. However, the investigation stubbornly did not want to declareserial killings because the victims did not unite anything.

People were scared.

According to eyewitnessesthose events in the evening in Dnipropetrovsk could be met by a man armed withhunting rifle and it didn’t seem strange. It was the husbands who met their wives,if they came back from work late.

Sometimes it came to the pointthat hunters wore guns in the open and charged even though it’s forbiddenUkrainian law. The police were sympathetic, but checkedthe presence of weapons documents.

Having studied the case materials,the investigation concluded that all of the killings were related.

Almost all of the victimswere poor people and the only thing that united them was the particular crueltyMurder.

It became clear thatcriminals are young people and act without self-serving motives. Handwritingthe crimes were the same, in all cases the perpetrators acted on the sameand the same scenario.

Ambush criminalssneaked up on the victim, struck with a hammer, fixture or iron pipe,and then they hit me in the head.

Policemen at lasthave been given the necessary resources to investigate these crimes, asfinancial and personnel alike.

They could have been involved.as many employees as was needed at any time of the day.

The investigation was able to establish the IP address from which the video “3 Guys 1 Hammer” was uploaded. THE IP belonged to an internet cafe. There is nothing easier than drinking a cup of coffee and uploading videos from a public place.
Administrators of Internet cafes changed so often that investigators could not get the necessary information.

Senior investigator Egor Romansky: “As such, there was no case. There have been a number of horrific deaths. And there was this video, but no more. All the work was done intuitively when you realize that something is wrong, but you can not say anything. Apparently, thanks to intuition, we were able to identify the criminals.”

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (6)

At the end of July,the bodies of a man and a woman with similar injuries have been found. Once againcriminals used fixtures or something like that. Because next to the corpsesnothing of the sort was found, the investigators concluded thatcriminals carry with them the tools of crime.

The victims again had nonothing in common. The man had previously been tried as a homeless man and a female employee was a smallCompany.

The man was hitfixture in the neck and the blow literally nailed it to the ground.

A woman after the usualblows to the head, stuck the fixture between the ribs and turned several times.

The woman was still alive,when I heard her bones break.

However, this was not the casethe latest unpleasant surprises for the Dnipropetrovsk police.

In a wooded area near the village of Dievka, bystanders found two more men’s bodies with broken heads. More precisely, what’s left of them.

The farther, the morethe murders were brutal. Criminals competed with each other, which of themcommit a more sophisticated murder.

The corpses near Dieevka hadshattered all the bones, as if they were riding a truck or a tank.

Investigatorsthe question is, why couldn’t the two men fend off the attackers? Howeverforensic examination found that the men were in a state of strong alcoholicIntoxication.

Not one victim has yetmanaged to get away from criminals, maniacs did not leave witnesses.

Soon, however, allChanged. Unidentified assailants attacked two teenagers who were riding onBikes. One of them survived.

He was able to describecriminals, what they looked like and what they were moving on.

When beyond the elusiveThe killers are chasing all the police, the appearance of a living witness is a gift of fate.

But it didn’t work out.Just. At first, investigators did not believe the surviving child and believed that it was himkilled his friend. There is information that Vadim Lyakhov was beaten in the department and did notlawyers were allowed to see him.

Vadim Lyakhov confirmed the investigators’ guesses that the criminals are young men, mayto be even minors.

From the witness testimony: “HeI was hit on the shoulder with a mount, and I broke. I shout “Let’s go to the woods”I look, and it’s already mounting.”

Teenager gaveexhaustive testimony, despite the age he well remembered the killers of a friend.He pointed out that one of the attackers had a swastika tattoo on his hand.

How can you not remember the “room”horrors” with swastikas, which were discovered by operatives in 2003, because thenThey never found the sniffer. Although it was one of the versions, but it was notbacked up by facts.

The teen was taken undersecurity, the investigators wouldn’t forgive themselves if there was any more on him.Attempt.

Having received the evidence,investigators began to work out schools, which was very difficult. The parents were notdelighted, fearing that their children might be charged with serious crimes.

Under the legend of preventionPolice officers checked the hands of the teenagers. Allegedly, they were looking for traces.Injection. In fact, the operatives were looking for a swastika on their wrists.alleged killer.

However, the swastikas on theNo one found a wrist. It was a failure.

In the wake of the schools beganChecking tattoo parlors. However, even here the investigation was at a standstill, because the tattoosalons do not keep track of customers.

While the police were checkingschools and tattoo parlors, the Internet has appeared a series of videos with realMurders. Those that were not disclosed.

Among them is murderTeen. The one who rode with a friend on a bicycle.

What was particularly shocking was thatthat the man who held the camera laughed.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (7)

Meanwhile, in LeninAnother dead body, already 12th in the case, appeared.

Despite the deplorableevents, the policemen were waiting for luck – there were witnesses.

Witnesses said thatin the park, two unidentified men knocked a woman off a scooter and drove off on this scooter.

The woman didn’t survive becausethat most likely was hit in the face with a hammer. A brutal murder in the middle of the day incrowded place — it was something unexpected.

The killers tried.correct his gaffe, but made an even greater mistake.

They tried to drownscooter in the bet (pond), but then the car pulled up and it came out a fewmen – they gathered for a fishing trip. Then the criminals pulled out the scooter and left.This was all watched by a witness, Victor Beetle, who was walking by by.

SvetlanaFedina went to the ATM late at night to withdraw her pension. When undershe matched the lantern with a dark-haired guy, whom she remembered well,was hit in the face with a hammer. Svetlana Fedina survived because of the killersdeemed her dead.
Later, when the investigator brought to the intensive care unit photos of the allegedshe identified Igor Suprunyuk with confidence.

However, the killers did notcalmed down even when they made an unforgivable gaffe and got caughtto the eyes of a lot of people.

Over the next two years,days they slaughtered six more people.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (8)

Desperate to despairpolicemen were about to carry out a round-up, but suddenly the murderers themselvesOpened.

As victimsmost often, teenagers and pensioners, people cramped inmoney, they had nothing but cheap mobile phones andplastic cards on which there was no money, the investigation team actively worked outshops and pawnshops.

Exactly at noon on the remoteThe security of the Leninsky district of the city of Dnipropetrovsk triggered an alarm button.The security guard pressed the button, but not because of the attack.

The guard knew that byA criminal with a swastika tattoo on his arm is wanted. Onethe guy with the swastika tattoo on his arm was seen by a security guard in his neighborhood,I’ve noticed him now. The guy went into the pawn shop opposite, the shop whereworked as a security guard. The pawnshop was accepted for sale usedPhones.

When the op group arrivedThe guy’s already gone. Policemen interested in one phone, but sanctions for seizurethey didn’t have one. Then they bought that phone.

Experts carefullyexamined this phone, but all contacts have been removed. All that’s left isdisgusting video where Sergei Yatsenko was killed and the pictures weretormented dogs.

Based on the conclusionThe prosecutor’s office issued a warrant for the arrest of the suspect. It turned out to be Igor Suprunyuk, it was on his arm was tattooed withswastika and he brought a cell phone to the pawnshop.

The operatives were able to identify the second suspect. It turned out to be a friend of Igor Suprunyuk Victor Saenko.

After his detention, Viktor Saenko behaved calmly and confidently, because his father was a district prosecutor.

Igor Supryuk, on the other hand, was visibly nervous, because he did not have a high-ranking father.

IgorSupryuk and Viktor Saenko immediately pointed to the third member of the group – Alexander Ganj. Allthree former classmates.

Immediatelyafter the arrests, searches were carried out in their homes and in Saenko’s garage, where they foundbloodied clothes, the belongings of the victims, an iron pipe and a hammer with traces ofand computers contained video recordings of the killings with lists of all the victims.

Maniacscalled them “slaves” and believed that after death they would serve them.

Andmore newspaper clippings in which they read about their misdeeds.

Inat the time of Saenko’s arrest he tried to get rid of the evidence. While the parents kept the defensefrom the police, he flushed his mobile phones down the toilet. But he was unlucky. Phonesstuck and neighbors called the plumber. Phones of victims in clogged pipes were foundvery fast.

HoweverThere were no photos or videos on the phones, and the presence of the phones themselves did not proveconnection with gang killings.

Investigatorsand were in a difficult position. On the one hand, the pressure of the public,demanding to punish the maniacs-killers, on the other hand the father of the prosecutor of one of thedefendants and expensive lawyers hired by their parents for their children.

InThe police had no doubt that the trio was to blame for the crimes. However, due tolack of direct evidence the criminals could escape punishment.

Theninvestigators began shaking all the suspects they knew until they came to K.,close friend of Victor Saenko.

K.was prosecuted for petty hooliganism and wanting to trade himselfHe said something better about Suprunyuk and Saenko’s hobbies.

K.knew of many of Saenko and Suprunyuk’s crimes, but considered it emptySplurge.

Howeverin fact, bragging was not bragging at all. More than 20 episodes,who K could remember. coincided with the real murders.

K.became the main witness for the prosecution, but the suspects refused to testifyand chose a partial guilty plea tactic, as recommended by their lawyers.

Yesthey filmed the murder on video, but not every video can serve as evidencein court.

Inthe process of interviewing the suspects familiar it turned out that Suprnyuk and Saenko oftenmentioned the number “40” and said that if 40 victims were brought in, they wouldreal killers.

Immediatelyafter the detention, a psychiatric examination was carried out, which recognizedall three sane and reporting in their actions.

That,that Supryuk and Saenko stopped cooperating with the investigation did not influence the course of the investigation,because the video seized as evidence was already enough for lifeTerm.

Afterhow the defendants realized that they were facing life imprisonmentstated that the testimony had been obtained by torture and that the video had been planted on his computer.

Howeververbal portraits of survivors and bystanders pointed to Saenko andSuprunyuk.

Induring the court hearings it turned out that Supryuk and Saenko committed the firstanimal abuse and the first armed robbery in 2003.

Intime of investigation and trial, when the evidence became irrefutable andsupported by the testimony of Alexander Ganj, the accused chose tacticspartial guilty plea.

SaenkoSuprunyuk was hired by his lawyers. Defenders insisted thatthe suspects were tortured, and more than 100 photos and 40 minutesvideotapes of executions and torture were planted.

At the trial of Suprunyuksaid, “I was put on my headpackage and forced to write under the dictation of confessions, no video of the murdersI don’t know anything, I only kept on my computer.

After nine months of trials, the offenders were convicted. Supryuk and Saenko received life sentences, while Aleksandr Ganja received 9 years of strict regime.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (9)

The relative softness of the sentence of Alexander Gange is explained by the fact that he cooperated with the investigation and took part in two robberies at the very beginning of the “career” of Dnipropetrovsk maniacs.

However, most of the murders were filmed by Ganja, and his laughter can be heard behind-the-scenes.

WhatDid the criminals have motives? They are no less horrific than the crimes themselves.

MostKatya Ilchenko, the girl who went to see off the maniacs, died firstmy girlfriend. She was killed for a reason, the killers were planning a crime.

Suprunyuk had a birthday and his friends asked him what gift you wanted? To which Suprrunyuk replied:

I want to die. Real. The animals are fed up.

Cats and dogs are fed up with Suprunyuk becauseit was he who was nearly detained by operatives near the house with a swastika in2003.

The killers brought up the willpower. Tostop being afraid of heights for hours stood on on14 floors, and cats and dogs were killed to stop being afraid of the sight of blood.

Parents of maniacs still do not believethat these terrible crimes were committed by their children. They appealed several times,complaints to the ECHR because they hope their children will be released.

Forensic psychologist Yuri Irhin: “When communicatingwith them there was a feeling that they were dismissive of theirparents, especially mothers. It is neglect, not hatred. They hadstingy, indifferent reaction to something they very much traumatized parents.”

Alexander Ganja was to serve nine years in prison. He was released from prison in the spring of 2019. He is married and has two children. Alexander’s parents refuse to be interviewed, he does not advertise his life.

Dnipropetrovsk maniacs - 3 Guys 1 Hammer (10)
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