East suburban real estate transactions, week of July 7, 2024 (2024)



Estate of Robert Perkoski sold property at 1541 Williamsburg Pl to 2669 LLC for $103,000.


Steven Crandell sold property at 300 Beech St. to Kirk Brown and Wendy Rondeau for $440,000.

Jeffrey Weiss sold property at 180 Gordon St. to Ryan Bernier and Sandra Bernier Yu for $288,000.

Sarver Realty Andre Plaza LLC sold property at 1133—1143 S Braddock Ave. to South Braddock Properties LLC for $1,605,000.


Cynthia Dibattiste sold property at 341 Coleman Drive to Spurthi Reddy and Patrick Sullivan for $288,000.

Estate of Edward Helbling sold property at 811 Cranberry Drive to Katie Baumgarten and Megan Kirby for $245,000.

West View Development Group LLC sold property at 101 Edgemeade Drive to Brian James Imbarlina for $355,000.

Estate of Robert Masley sold property at 311 Horizon Drive to Bamsee Krishna Duggirala for $313,500.

Katie Baumgarten sold property at 1710 James St. to Brandon Allen and Matthew Sayer for $170,000.

Estate of Brenda Lee Daniels sold property at 3707 Northern Pike to Stemmerich Properties LLC for $75,000.

Daniel Holland sold property at 815 Patton Street Ext. to Daniel and Morgan Grgic for $235,000.

Estate of David Furick sold property at 735 Vanderbilt Drive to Timberdale Capital LLC for $138,000.


Kevin Pierson sold property at 111 Commons Drive to Cedar Brook Properties Funding 1 LLC for $117,500.

Christine Patti sold property at 25 Greenwich Ct to Curtis and Theresa Marando for $165,000.

Margaret Czechzot Hlavac sold property at 1310 Pennsylvania Ave. to Charles Rodney Bubeck Jr. and Linda Kridle Bubeck for $340,000.

Penn Hills

Estate of Vincent Pampena sold property at Unknown Address to Northwood Commons LLC for $300,000.

Estate of Anthony Pampena sold property at Unknown Address to Rodriguez AM Associates Inc. for $20,000.

102 Pitt Properties LLC sold property at 11009 Azalea Drive to Thomas Hopton for $186,000.

Hade LLC sold property at 11304 Azalea Drive to Andrew Curtis Honebrink for $186,000.

Maxwell Maloney sold property at 202 Bellevue Drive to Prime Properties USA PA LLC for $50,000.

Krystin Paul sold property at 515 Beulah Road to Arianna Rosemond for $123,000.

Raymonda Sewell sold property at 10203 Clair Ave. to Luke John Hunter Meyers for $111,500.

Central Penn Capital Management LLC sold property at 128 Cypress Hill Drive to Mark Strickland for $269,900.

Estate of Michael Vongeis sold property at 217 Evaline St. to Quentiqua Jackson for $110,000.

Erin Elizabeth Hughes sold property at 332 Fielding Drive to Derek and Jacqulyn Sherne Robinson for $246,000.

Mildred Bischsel sold property at 12109 Garland Drive to Adam Clark and Sarah Adsit for $15,000.

Cheyenne Marie Harris sold property at 9807 Glendale Road to Sophia Rebarchak for $160,000.

Karen Morow sold property at 4048 Greenridge Drive to Akanksha Mittal and Jonathan Bean for $259,000.

Richard Klinger III sold property at 108 Hazel Road to Sanam Sayfatova for $71,000.

Lawrence Swatchick Jr. sold property at 218 Hillary Drive to Amber Solomon for $157,000.

Estate of Harold Poole sold property at 535 Idaho Ave. to Aaron Lesko and Amanda Palo for $224,900.

Estate of Goramma Channarasappa sold property at 240 Knickerbocker Drive to Mallory Oslosky and James Roukous for $195,000.

Lisa Penn Parker sold property at 100 Lavern St. to Commfreelt LLC for $72,000.

George Bromall 2nd sold property at 8233 Lincoln Road to James Canfield 3rd for $135,000.

Evan Ingram sold property at 124 Lois Drive to Ashley Lynn Predmore for $175,000.

James Suiters sold property at 6388 Lowell Drive to Avid Real Estate Holdings LLC for $163,000.

Property Solutions Group Prof LLC sold property at 7736 Mark Drive to Eric Gill for $213,000.

Detty Corry sold property at 127 Mckenzie Drive to Sheila Dulion for $153,000.

Khante Wright trustee sold property at 751 Parkway Ave. to Khante Wright for $3,000.

Lisa Eck sold property at 2004 Pelone Drive to Jeremy and Ryan Notzen for $319,900.

Shea Bergman sold property at 1538 Riverside Drive to Jonathan Taylor for $240,000.

Austin Lussier sold property at 158 Shenandoah Drive to Dorthy Godbolt for $179,900.

Roger Alduby Contreras Bardales sold property at 111 Sycamore Drive to Calvin George and Olivia Helene Calbro for $265,000.


Daniel Cuiffi sold property at 315 Meadow Wood Drive to Nicholas Mastovich and Kelsey Geyer for $394,000.

Andrea Dee Nutter sold property at 1812 Oblock Road to Gregory Thomas Kirklewski for $270,000.

Charles Usher III sold property at 124 Pine Ct to Charles Earl for $138,500.

Pennsylvania Hous Finance Agcy sold property at 493 Rainier Drive to James Kepple Jr. and Sheli Kepple for $142,000.

Homestead Horizons LLC sold property at 22 Riviera Road to Alyssa and Devin McFall for $245,000.

Courtney Rinaldi sold property at 908 Rockland Drive to Bryan Douglas and Shanon Marie Bonham for $440,000.


Estate of Ronald Anthony Madia sold property at 1614 Aurelius St. to Travis Creighton and Hannah Estrich for $260,000.

Nickels Investments LLC sold property at 2023 Delaware Ave. to 5651 Management LLC for $173,500.

Siale Havili sold property at 7523 Dickson St. to 2 Miraloma LLC for $50,000.

Infinte L Inc. sold property at 7306 Florence Ave. to Gregory Julius Fino for $275,000.

Thomas Farrel sold property at 7222 Raymond St. to Deutsche Bank National Bank Co. trustee et al. for $150,000.

Estate of Alvin Smith sold property at 1648 S Braddock Ave. to John Musser for $120,000.

Lisa Cook sold property at 2651 1/2 Woodstock Ave. to Qingyi Hu and Xiaomei Zhang for $81,000.


Bent Oaks LLP sold property at Center Ave. to Shannon Thieroff for $12,000.

A Martini & Co. Inc. sold property at E Railroad Ave. to AMC Develop LLC for $11,346.


Alisha Argyle sold property at 596-598 McMasters Ave. to MSH Services LLC for $62,500.


Abayomi Akinleye sold property at 1701 Doyle St. to Residential Capital Partners LLC for $85,000.

Estate of Zelma Locke sold property at 1243 Franklin Ave. to JV Kids LLC for $15,000.

D & L Associates sold property at 1565 Marlboro Ave. to Sanam Sayfatova for $39,000.

Marrae Jean Hill sold property at 2308 McNary Blvd. to Douglas and Raegan Noel Bauer for $220,000.

Augusto Flores sold property at 1207 Montier St. to Kennisha Reynolds for $17,000.

Carl Salancy sold property at 757 North Ave. to RTM Realty Holdings L.P. for $50,000.

Growhouse LLC sold property at 413 Ross Ave. to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC for $95,000.



Annette Carol Carfang sold property at 601 Tollgate Ln to Christina Dominguez Gisi and Andrew Gisi for $575,000.


Karen Dittman trustee sold property at 1906 Victoria Ln to Ryan and Dana Navaroli for $525,000.


Katharine St. Onge sold property at 5808 Glenwood Ct to Alondra Espinoza for $450,000.

Murrysville Enterprises sold property at Hills Church Road to Stevan Del Coleman and Calafia Huerta for $105,000.

Elizabeth Seligman sold property at 3500 Hills Church Road to Calafia Huerta and Steven Coleman for $650,000.

Janeth Pifer trustee sold property at 26 Manorfield Cir to Brittany Elizabeth Wukich for $219,900.

Estate of Patsy Botti sold property at 4705 Saltsburg Road to Brice and Lynda Baker for $4,068.

Estate of Thomas David Bingham sold property at 3501 Sardis Road to Tessa Ives for $135,034.

North Huntingdon

CJ Tartan Properties LLC sold property at 10700 Airview Drive to Timothy and Edyta Illinsky for $256,000.

Mary Gregovits sold property at 878 Alder Drive to Melissa Giannandrea and Jonathan Heller for $197,500.

Agnes Galla sold property at 12000 Blair Ln to Kris and Renae Nyberg for $150,000.

Julie Simco sold property at 589 Clay Pike to Lawrence and Rhonda Hall for $391,000.

Estate of Robert Jackson sold property at 10721 Crestview Drive to John Gdula for $126,500.

William Raspotnik Jr. trustee sold property at 11600 Dennis Cir to Peters Consulting Firm LLC for $175,000.

Ann Johnston sold property at 1520 Five Pines Road to Guffey Family Enterprise Inc. for $5,000.

Barbara Hopper sold property at 11458 Percheron Cir to Justin and Lauren Yeager for $430,000.

Cynthia Olszewski sold property at 13290 St. Clair Drive to Michael and Theresa Carretta trustee for $255,000.

North Irwin

Secretary Of Housing And Urban Developme sold property at 49 Second St. to Charley and Autumn Krisfalusi for $60,000.

Penn Township

Estate of Carol Sosinski sold property at 2316 Baloh St. to Saul Larios for $179,900.

Kristin Toth sold property at 1004 Chinaberry Ct to Jeffrey Leonatti for $400,000.

Estate of Jerome Chris Martin sold property at 38 Dolly Ave. to Chloe Vojnik and Stephen Hazlett for $170,000.

Felicia Dusetzina Provenzano sold property at 3015 Ironwood Cir to Chelse Lea Lubinsky for $295,000.

Darlene Sandrick sold property at 19 Kepple St. to Wolfcreek CML LLC for $90,000.

Estate of Steve Montgomery sold property at 1151 Redoak Drive to Sarah Kovach and Matthew Barron for $385,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 4000 Spinosa Ln to Brandon and Jennifer Litzinger for $350,785.

NVR Inc. sold property at 4006 Spinosa Ln to Alyssa Mia Huey for $312,035.

NVR Inc. sold property at 9002 Wellington Ct to Joseph Robert Peduzzi for $379,700.

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East suburban real estate transactions, week of July 7, 2024 (2024)
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